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3 Mistakes & 3 Solutions:

After working with hundreds of chiropractors we discovered 3 mistakes made in hiring a marketing agency that waste time and money.

And we are all about saving you time, money, and energy so you can focus on doing what you built your business to do! So we want to share what we found with you, so you can skip past the ‘learning from your mistakes’ and go straight to solid client and company growth.

1. Mistake: Signing with a company that locks you into a contract for a period of time with an early termination fee.

In our experience a contract with an early termination fee says ‘I may not get the results, but I still want to get paid.’ We believe that if a company is doing what they say they are going to do, the results will keep you on board. No contract creates constant accountability and you stay and pay as your expectations are met!

Solution: Don’t sign with an agency that requires a contract and they will be incentivized to get results!

2. Mistake: Signing with an agency who has you do client follow up and book appointments yourself.

If the ads are doing their job well, you may have between 50 to 100 new inquiries coming in per month. On average it takes 6 touch points to book in a client. If the agency hands over this responsibility to you, the employee that you task with this can easily experience overwhelm with the new influx of responsibilities. If those leads aren’t turning into clients the line of accountability can become blurred. The agency can say ‘we handed you the lead, if you couldn’t turn the lead into a client it isn’t our responsibility.’

Solution: Sign with an agency that does all the follow up and appointment making for you! This will keep clear lines of accountability in the conversion from leads to clients and keep your office running smoothly.

3. Mistake: Signing with an agency that has a non-evolving strategy (or a one ad plan)

The market is always evolving and human beings are complex. Therefore your agency needs to have a starting strategy and multiple backup plans! What works for one company won’t work for all companies! Ideally you want to find someone who already has multiple strategies in place. We see marketing as a system, and systems tend to break or evolve. You need multiple variables to plug into the system so if one isn’t working you have another to replace it!

Solution: Ask questions upfront! ‘So what if this strategy doesn’t work long term or eventually this fades out or doesn’t work at all, what is your plan?’

If you don’t feel confident in their answer don’t go with them.
Hire a company that discusses upfront pivoting strategies. (Ad fatigue is real!)
Ideally the agency has different ads for different audiences.

Bonus: Hire an agency that has a copywriter on their team! This allows for quick and quality pivots.  Innovation is key for doing business long term.  Another great question to ask is ‘How long do your clients stay on average?” This will clue you in to how the agency is implementing pivoting strategies to keep clients! They continue to add value!

If you want new patients booked for you every month, we want to help.

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